how can I be more assertive

How can I be more assertive? Positivity manifests itself in many forms, so today we’ll focus on how to be assertive. To be assertive, you need first to have ticked a few boxes. You should be self assured, positive and confident. There’s more to it than that but this is a good basis. The fact is, if you aren’t naturally assertive it’s a trait which will take time to master. Other synonyms of the word assertive and their dictionary definitions are really interesting to observe: Forceful – strong and assertive; vigorous and powerful.......

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positive steps in life
May 01, 2017

Positive steps in life

Positive steps in life Welcome to Pursuing Positivity, my name is Mike. I always have people remark on my unique perspective on things. My general take on things, my attitude, my general persona and how I take the positive steps in life. For me this is good feedback, positive feedback and honestly initially it surprised me. How and why do I see the world the way I do? How come I don’t give up hope when faced with adversity and challenge? For a long time now I’ve been uncertain of the answer......

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