how to switch your perspective

How to switch your perspective Nobody is exempt from a bad day, crap experiences and disappointment. I’m certainly no exception. In fact, everything I’ve written here to date is based on my own experiences and how I’ve moved on effectively from each situation. It’s too easy to be knocked down, roll over and stay down, life isn’t easy. It’s important to acknowledge these times of your life ‘I get knocked down, but I get up again..’ the lyrics of the 1997 song by Chumbawamba were great to sing along to! As a song you......

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positive steps in life
May 01, 2017

Positive steps in life

Positive steps in life Welcome to Pursuing Positivity, my name is Mike. I always have people remark on my unique perspective on things. My general take on things, my attitude, my general persona and how I take the positive steps in life. For me this is good feedback, positive feedback and honestly initially it surprised me. How and why do I see the world the way I do? How come I don’t give up hope when faced with adversity and challenge? For a long time now I’ve been uncertain of the answer......

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