how to switch your perspective

How to switch your perspective Nobody is exempt from a bad day, crap experiences and disappointment. I’m certainly no exception. In fact, everything I’ve written here to date is based on my own experiences and how I’ve moved on effectively from each situation. It’s too easy to be knocked down, roll over and stay down, life isn’t easy. It’s important to acknowledge these times of your life ‘I get knocked down, but I get up again..’ the lyrics of the 1997 song by Chumbawamba were great to sing along to! As a song you......

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how can i be more positive

How can I be more positive? First of all, is it normal to continually ask yourself ‘How can I be more positive?’, the answer is yes. We live in a negative world. The news reminds us of how oppressive life is. The knowledge that bad things are always happening, it’s like a dark cloud over you. Negative influences in everyday life On your way to work, by public transport or by personal transport. Lighting, smells, cleanliness, the general environment, they all influence our comfort and the way we feel within. Arriving at work,......

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