Steer clear of negative influences

steer clear of negative influences
Steer clear of negative influences

We’re conditioned to never expect things will work out the way you want them to. Invariably great things don’t happen all that often in everyday life. It’s because you get let down that we have lower expectations, it softens the blow the next time things don’t go as we expect them to. By no means does that mean that we can’t think positive or are wrong to think the way that we do. Thinking positive is made easier however, if we steer clear of negative influences.

Positivity ambassadors

Some of the people we most admire; celebrities, relatives, our parents or teachers, they’re some of the most positive and optimistic people in our lives. It’s that positive influence which draws our attention and our admiration, ours and the people around us. Their positive mindset rubs off on us as we emulate their behaviour, the great thing is that positivity breeds positivity!

As we grow older however, we’re not as easily influenced, we become individuals and form our own identities largely as a product of our past. These identities are also now shaped by those we spend time with. It’s no longer our parents but our friends and work colleagues. The ‘scene’ of the music we listen to, the environments we spend most of our time in shapes us too.

Just as we adopt fashion trends and hair styles from those we admire, we can take from their personalities too. Perhaps subconsciously we already do. When we spend time with others, we mirror their behaviour and begin to share their opinions. We might do the same when we watch films and soaps and emulate the behaviour of the people we like.

Negative influences online

You’ll be familiar with the posts of others on social networks ‘So I know who my true friends are now’ and ‘sick of people on here judging me’, says the person with 2,400 friends, so I guess it’s easy to see why? The questions you need to ask; Who do I consider my true friends and who am I allowing to view my life activities online? If this is something that concerns you, it might be time for a friend audit.

In being friends with so many people online, you increase not only the number of people that respect your opinions but also the number that don’t. Difference in opinion don’t always result in confrontation but can kill your mood. A lot of time is spent on social networks these days (general statement). So why shouldn’t that time be spent happily?

If you can identify those people that annoy you, that kill your mood, that criticise your actions or opinions, ask yourself, are they really my friend? Will I miss this person if I unfriend them? Do yourself a favour, not them. You live your life for yourself, not the gratification of others in making you feel bad about yourself.

Meanwhile, in the real world

Although the online world can have a big influence on our lives, it’s not applicable to everyone. People in the real world can have an overwhelming effect on us though because the real world often is where our most real emotions are. Sure real emotions are applicable to our online activities too, how applicable can depend on which generation you belong to 🙂

It’s not so simple in real life, to unfriend someone and I can’t tell you how! For the most part a common sense approach will tell you that the people who are the most negative influence. The people that offer the least value to your life. So whether it’s spending less time with someone, or eliminating them completely, the benefits to you, long term can make the wedge you drive between you, a very worthwhile and very positive move! Steer clear of negative influences in life.

Whilst it’s healthy to emulate the behavior of a positive role model, it’s not okay to go full Single White Female!

Mind your own behaviour

Remember that at the end of the day we’re all people and in that sense the actions you take to remove yourself from the lives of others can have a negative impact on them. There’s no need to be cruel or to tell them that they’re a problem. If you can discuss the negative influence they have on you and resolve matters this way, this should be your first option.

On that note, be careful not to become a negative influence yourself. We are each accou

ntable for our own actions and as such it’s really important we’re sensitive to the feelings of others! The aim of Pursuing Positivity is to spread positive vibes, right where they’re needed… and they are very much needed.

So all that’s left to say here is that you yourself should be a Positivity Ambassador and hopefully as you work through your own struggles and overcome those, you’ll be in the fortunate position of being able to help with the struggles of others. Steer clear of negative influences and if you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments 🙂

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