How to switch your perspective

how to switch your perspective
How to switch your perspective

Nobody is exempt from a bad day, crap experiences and disappointment. I’m certainly no exception. In fact, everything I’ve written here to date is based on my own experiences and how I’ve moved on effectively from each situation. It’s too easy to be knocked down, roll over and stay down, life isn’t easy.

It’s important to acknowledge these times of your life

‘I get knocked down, but I get up again..’ the lyrics of the 1997 song by Chumbawamba were great to sing along to! As a song you can categorise it with the likes of ‘Eye of the tiger’ as fake-ass motivation drivel that picks you up when you’re feeling down. The same as every motivational meme ever written… which is always somewhere along the lines of ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’ and ‘dust yourself off and try again’. They can be a bit cheesy and sometimes a bit patronising, how dare they make light of your feelings, right?

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So where does perspective come into it?

Reasons to feel glum can vary, intensity is one, so if I give an example which would upset some but not others I don’t feel I can really make my point effectively. So here’s an extreme example of how perspective makes a difference:

So let’s imagine life is bad, really bad. Somehow you’ve found yourself in a situation where you’re made to endure Chinese Water Torture. For a good 9 hours now you’ve had a droplet of water fall onto the top of your head every 3 seconds, regular as clockwork. It’s far from enjoyable but you condition yourself mentally to expect the droplet, to endure and tolerate the best you can. It’s horrible to some degree you now accept your circumstances and don’t expect things to get better.

Suddenly there’s no droplet of water… then splash once more, a pause… 6 seconds pass and another droplet, so the frequency of the droplet has slowed, it’s not much of a win but it’s a win all the same. The circumstances haven’t really changed but they have improved and however bad things are, they’re better than they were!

Fortunately Chinese Water Torture is a rare situation to find yourself  in and nobody is saying the way that we feel when we’re at our worst is easy to overcome. That’s rather the point though, you feel so bad BECAUSE you feel defeated. It’s that acceptance of circums

tances that often means that you see no light at the end of the tunnel and that’s hard.

Set your path

A positive change in circumstances, however small, is like an offering from the universe with a card attached saying ‘Heres a break, make the most of it’. Learn to appreciate the good things, even if it’s being happy for the good fortune of someone close to you, feeling happiness is still feeling happiness, however far from home it is.

Everyday life is less like Chinese water torture. The slowing of your own personal torture is less down to fate and more down to choice, subconscious choice. You condition yourself to accept your circumstances and those continuous droplets that slowly drive you crazy.

Just as your body requires various nutrients, minerals and vitamins to perform healthily, so does your mind. We need stimulation to make us feel alive.

With the gift of mobility, exercise, with the gift of hearing, listen to music, with the gift of sight, read. Living isn’t just existing, it’s living, doing, enrichment, participating, it’s stimulating, so be stimulated.

Your new path should be your respite from what you’ve come to accept. Be gradual in the steps you take and establish routi

ne. On this path there should be no reflection on any negative aspect of your day, your week or your circumstances in general. Your path will introduce a subliminal, positive progression to a more positive day and that’s how frequent your path should be taken, daily.

Nobody is saying your life is better now than you think it is, but the way you look at things could be different. Identify the positives in your life and focus on those, they’re all too easily overlooked. The negatives in your life play their part too, you can’t ignore them though and it would not be healthy to do that, but you can play down how much emphasis you place on them.

Good luck on your path, until next time ☺️


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