How can I be more positive?

how can i be more positive
How can I be more positive?

First of all, is it normal to continually ask yourself ‘How can I be more positive?’, the answer is yes.

We live in a negative world. The news reminds us of how oppressive life is. The knowledge that bad things are always happening, it’s like a dark cloud over you.

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Negative influences in everyday life

On your way to work, by public transport or by personal transport. Lighting, smells, cleanliness, the general environment, they all influence our comfort and the way we feel within.

Arriving at work, the people you interact with, their judgements, expectations the pressure to conform.

Shopping is a great way to spend your leisure time but it doesn’t relax you. People walk towards you. You’re in their way. People behind wish you would walk faster. Customers at the checkout want you to pay quicker. If you don’t do as they expect they’ll make their impatience and their opinions known.

At home, strained relationships, disagreements or bullying on social networks. financial pressures.

Positivity is infectious

Perhaps this all sounds a little extreme? Well it is but to try to encapsulate all scenarios is the aim of this article. To hit upon something you can identify with. If you suffer from anxiety though, it’s no exaggeration. If you don’t, then even just some of these daily gripes can dull your shine.

Life is fast paced and time is

money. You feel stressed, frustrated and unhappy. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

With so many people in the world, each of us a variable which impacts on the next. Carry a bad day on your shoulders and the people around you pick up on it. Sure, negativity is rather infectious but did you know positivity is too?

So we’re here, reading this article because we are pursuing positivity. We have the strength of mind to step outside of a bad situation. When things just get too much and we look at things differently, because we can.

The days and weeks pass by so quickly but somewhere in there we must focus, positivity is rarely bestowed upon us, therefor we must pursue. I’ve included an attachment below which gives the dictionary definition (thanks to Google) of positivity and I think there are some key words in there so let’s look closer.

‘Follow or chase’, exactly! Make positivity your way of life. Each day is filled with choices for you and forks in the road. Just as there are opportunities to behave positively or negatively, these are a ‘path or a route’ you choose to follow.

How can I be more positive?

Depending on your character, positivity comes easily to you or it may be more of an effort for you to adopt. It’s all too easy to say that life dealt you bad cards and made you think negatively, at what point do you say ‘No, I don’t want to be this way anymore?’

Positivity breeds positivity and that’s not the last time y

ou’ll witness me write that because it’s so true!

When the worst happens, understand that these things don’t define you. They test your character and yes sometimes you’ll be beaten. If it takes time just dust yourself off, get up and keep up your pursuit of positivity.

Unfortunately this probably isn’t a magic article that will turn your life around. You won’t read it, go away and everything will be fine, the rest is up to you, try now to be more positive. Make it a conscious goal for the day, for the week. Be more positive towards others and next time you ask yourself ‘How can I be more positive?’. Take a step back and find a way.


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