Postive mindset

How can I be self compassionate

Self Compassion The word compassion is one that everyone has heard of, the dictionary definition is to show sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. The reason we show compassion is to alleviate the suffering of someone, showing consideration because their distress, pain or upset matters to us. Consciously this is only an exercise we perform on others, never to ourselves, so self compassion is practically unheard of. If you work in the emergency services, one of the first and most important rules is to ensure your own well......

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how to switch your perspective

How to switch your perspective Nobody is exempt from a bad day, crap experiences and disappointment. I’m certainly no exception. In fact, everything I’ve written here to date is based on my own experiences and how I’ve moved on effectively from each situation. It’s too easy to be knocked down, roll over and stay down, life isn’t easy. It’s important to acknowledge these times of your life ‘I get knocked down, but I get up again..’ the lyrics of the 1997 song by Chumbawamba were great to sing along to! As a song you......

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how can I be more assertive

How can I be more assertive? Positivity manifests itself in many forms, so today we’ll focus on how to be assertive. To be assertive, you need first to have ticked a few boxes. You should be self assured, positive and confident. There’s more to it than that but this is a good basis. The fact is, if you aren’t naturally assertive it’s a trait which will take time to master. Other synonyms of the word assertive and their dictionary definitions are really interesting to observe: Forceful – strong and assertive; vigorous and powerful.......

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steer clear of negative influences

Steer clear of negative influences We’re conditioned to never expect things will work out the way you want them to. Invariably great things don’t happen all that often in everyday life. It’s because you get let down that we have lower expectations, it softens the blow the next time things don’t go as we expect them to. By no means does that mean that we can’t think positive or are wrong to think the way that we do. Thinking positive is made easier however, if we steer clear of negative influences. Positivity......

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how can i be more positive

How can I be more positive? First of all, is it normal to continually ask yourself ‘How can I be more positive?’, the answer is yes. We live in a negative world. The news reminds us of how oppressive life is. The knowledge that bad things are always happening, it’s like a dark cloud over you. Negative influences in everyday life On your way to work, by public transport or by personal transport. Lighting, smells, cleanliness, the general environment, they all influence our comfort and the way we feel within. Arriving at work,......

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positive steps in life
May 01, 2017

Positive steps in life

Positive steps in life Welcome to Pursuing Positivity, my name is Mike. I always have people remark on my unique perspective on things. My general take on things, my attitude, my general persona and how I take the positive steps in life. For me this is good feedback, positive feedback and honestly initially it surprised me. How and why do I see the world the way I do? How come I don’t give up hope when faced with adversity and challenge? For a long time now I’ve been uncertain of the answer......

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